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Why we created Intelliment Security

DevOps provides great ideas and tools to apply the “shift left” paradigm in order to increase the time to market and the quality of an automated service delivery process. But the services run on an infrastructure consisting of servers, containers, a network, and the rules that govern the connectivity between the applications and its components (ie the firewall rules).

This means that while agile IT infrastructure management products exist, networks and their services are still configured manually in a slow and error-prone process. And workflow-based Change Management systems are not here to help: imposing controls is a nice way to reduce the risks, but NOT at the expense of agility. At the end of the day, that means a higher cost of service delivery.

With Intelliment Security, Application Delivery, Network Engineering, and Compliance teams can collaborate in a single platform to massively improve agility and costs, while reducing risks and ensuring continuous compliance – at the same time. Now it is finally possible to deliver firewall changes in minutes rather than in weeks or months.



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