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Joined with others 5 startups to Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence, 2015

Cisco Entrepreneurs in Residence (Cisco EIR) is designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs working on the next big ideas in the Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/IoE), enterprise security, cloud computing, Big Data/analytics, Smart Cities and other areas strategic to Cisco.

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Joined with others 7 startups to Seedcamp family, 2015

Seedcamp is Europe’s leading pre-seed and seed stage Acceleration Fund. Today the total number of Seedcamp startups is around 160. This accelerator is geared towards founders who want to build businesses at global scale, not only European scale, and they’ve evolved their investment model to help startups achieve growth.

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First prize ‘SSIS2013 for technological companies’ by Spain Startup. October, 2013

The Spain Startup & Investor Summit Contest is organized by Spain Startup, IE Business School and comunicacion + A. This event is sponsored by Mutua Madrileña, Endesa and Google for Entrepreneurs, and its main purpose is to present the best efforts of Spanish entrepreneurs with investors, customers and other important entities.

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Emprendedor xxi



Third prize ‘EmprendedorXXI’ by La Caixa. June, 2013

EmprendedorXXI Awards are the initiative with the highest number of awards to support startups established in the country. Since its inception in 2007, more than 2,500 Spanish companies have participated in the awards and 150 startups have been awarded in the various categories. Through its area for entrepreneurs, La Caixa can support, finance and accompany new business initiatives with a high growth potential in Spain.

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‘Femindustria’ runner-up prize by the College of Engineers of Catalonia. June, 2013

The Femindustria contest is organized by the College of Engineers of Catalonia, La Salle Technova Barcelona and Leitat Technological Center to reward the most innovative companies. 

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First prize ‘LinktoStart’ by Inlea Foundation. November, 2012

LinktoStart is a complete annual training and supporting program for entrepreneurs who want to turn their business ideas, based on Internet or software, into start-ups. LinktoStart was founded by INLEA Foundation in 2008 with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship in an era of economic crisis, and with the desire to help to change business production and business models in Spain.

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First prize ‘VII Business Model Contest’ by University of Sevilla. June, 2012

The Business Model Contest is performed by the OTRI in the field of “Building Program Spin-off and Entrepreneur Development” at the University of Seville. The aim of this contest is to foster entrepreneurship and innovation among students, researchers, graduates and administrative staff of the University of Seville.

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First prize ‘X University Entrepreneur EOI’ by EOI Business School of Andalusia. April, 2012

The “University Entrepreneur EOI” is a training program to develop entrepreneurial values and skills oriented business. The Spain’s School of Industrial Organisation was the first business school in Spain and is one of the oldest in Europe. EOI has spent over 50 years being committed to business development, knowledge creation, innovation, promoting new technologies and entrepreneurship.

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