Intelliment Security at Cisco Forum 2016

  • April 2016
  • Posted By Eduardo Fernández León
We are looking forward to announce that we are going to be presenting at the Innovations Forum at Cisco Forum 2016 Poland. This event will take place in the city of Zakopane during the days 7th and 8th April. This is the second event where Intelliment Security shows our security automation product with Cisco in this

Disruptive-Product-Oriented Development

  • April 2013
  • Posted By Raúl Recacha Camacho
We are building a software that aims to completely change the security management of network infrastructure. There are many differences between developing a custom software and creating a product. In fact, software life-cycle will completely change from one to the other case. If we want to build a good product, we should think global way.